Major Donor Levels

PSNY counts on the contributions of those who can afford to give to fund its operations. The benefits listed below are tokens of our gratitude to major donors and are valid for one year. If these giving levels are at all beyond your means, we encourage you to check out our Artist Membership options instead. No matter the level at which you decide to give, we thank you from the bottom of our collective heart!

$1000 Benefactor benefits include:

  • Four complimentary VIP tickets to PSNY’s Spring Gala & a private table for your group

  • Four personalized poems, typed up & mailed to you throughout the year by one of our exceptional Typewriter Poets

  • Two complimentary tickets to each of our quarterly PSNY Salons

  • Two complimentary VIP tickets to the Poetry Brothel each month

  • Exclusive admission to the PSNY Members Tent at The New York City Poetry Festival

  • A monthly members newsletter featuring news, updates, poems, visual art, photos, videos, & more

$5000 Champion Benefits include:

  • All Benefactor benefits

  • A total of ten VIP tickets to PSNY’s Spring Gala & a private table for your group

  • A $500 award in your name will be given to a poet or community organizer for their contribution to the poetry community; the award will be presented at the Spring Gala, and you will receive a heartfelt “Thank You!” on stage

$10,000 Leadership circle Benefits include:

  • All Champion benefits

  • A spot on the Advisory Committee of The Poetry Society of New York; as an advisor, you will receive invitations to PSNY board meetings, committee meetings and other internal gatherings, and your voice will help shape the future of the organization.

Tax Deductibility

The Poetry Society of New York Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with EIN 47-3108566, and therefore all donations are deemed tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law, less the value of any goods or services provided in exchange for the contribution. 

Benefactors receive over $1000 worth of benefits, so unfortunately, those donations are not tax-deductible. The benefits provided to Champion and Leadership Circle donors total around $3000, so Champion donors may deduct up to $2000, and Leadership Circle donors may deduct up to $7000.

If you wish to simply make a donation without receiving any benefits, you may do so below. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support.