The Poetry Society of New York is a non-profit dedicated to promoting poetry within our culture.

The society accomplishes its mission by creating engaging, one-of-a-kind experiences of poetry; by building meaningful partnerships in the worlds of art, literature, & business; & by fostering healthy & progressive poetry communities in cities across the globe.  

Immersive Poetry

An immersive literary cabaret series that fuses poetry, burlesque, live music, vaudeville, visual art, magic, mysticism, & private, one-on-one poetry experiences.

Typewriter poets

Poets wielding vintage typewriters write original, personalized poetry for guests to take home from your wedding, opening, store, cultural institution, or event.


With PSNY, membership means more than just a regular donation: our members are a family. We offer affordable options for all, whether you’re a student or executive.

NYC poetry festival

A two-day pastoral journey through idyllic Governors Island that brings the vast & diverse poetry community of New York City to new light in the public eye.

Milk Press

Milk Press merges the poetry & visual art worlds by cultivating & presenting collaborations exclusively. Our books are fluid & embodied; spilt & split-open.


Looking to heighten your organization’s culture? Consider a poet-in-residence. PSNY offers day-long residencies at some of New York’s most dynamic institutions.

The Typewriter Project

A series of site-specific installations that invite passersby to contribute their voices to a collaborative poem that exists in both analog & digital forms.

Commission a poem

We have worked with countless brands to put poetry in unexpected places — on buildings, bed sheets, & body parts — and with individuals seeking artistic gifts.


As a team of professional event producers and poets, no one is better qualified to turn your event into a poetic dreamscape of your own design. Tell us your vision!

Board & Staff

Stephanie Berger
Chief Executive Officer

B.C. Edwards
Chief Financial Officer

Gregg Emery
Chief Programs Officer

Nicholas Adamski
Chief Creative Officer

Lucas Hunt
Chief Development Officer


Jackie Braje
Programs Director

Kiely Sweatt
Chief Operating Officer

Teresa Bigelow
Chief Public Relations Officer


Bernadette McCommish
Production Coordinator

Founded by Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski in 2008, The Poetry Society of New York brings poetry into the 21st Century. 


The Poetry Society of New York has a simple mission: to redefine and reestablish poetry's essential position in the culture-at-large. The society accomplishes this mission by:

a) creating new models for the presentation of poetry;

b) fostering vibrant, progressive poetry communities across the globe;

c) cultivating relationships in the worlds of art, literature, design, and commerce, and;

d) presenting the works of New York City poets to the world

The New York City poetry world has largely isolated itself to a small & fragmented circle. The Poetry Society of New York moves through & opens up that circle to unite the community of makers with the community of appreciators in fresh and unconventional ways.


The Poetry Society of New York first emerged under the guise of The Poetry Brothel at The Living Theater in 2008. The Poetry Brothel was conceived as a performance art event aimed at fostering intimacy, urgency and exaltation within the New York poetry community, and at expanding that community to include a more diverse population of artists. At that time, New York City, the place perceived by thousands of young writers to be the epicenter of the contemporary poetry world, felt boring. Allen Ginsberg, Frank O’Hara and Edna St. Vincent Millay had quit running amok decades earlier, and a clear vitalizing alternative was required. The Poetry Brothel provided one cure: a pastiche of back-alley history and literary revelry, this event series remedied the monotony of the slam poetry reading’s excessive bravado, and charmed patrons of the one-note, one-format academic poetry readings out of their fold-up chairs into back rooms for private readings.

But it wasn’t enough. The Poetry Brothel bridged social boundaries between individuals, but soon, Berger and Adamski felt the need to cross literal borders. In 2009, they oversaw the creation of The Poetry Brothel’s first international chapter, Prostibulo Poetico, founded by PSNY Chief Operating Officer, Kiely Sweatt, in Barcelona. In 2010, The Poetry Brothel and Prostibulo Poetico began a translation project in the hopes of opening the lines of communication between New York poets and poets living abroad, but in order to get funding for such a project, it was time to get legal and form a business entity. When the state of New York rejected the business name “The Poetry Brothel,” citing it as “lewd and illegal,” Berger and Adamski requested “The Poetry Society of New York, LLC ” and much to their surprise, they got it! 

Since forming The Poetry Society of New York in 2010, they have expanded The Poetry Brothel into over 25 cities across the globe and created The New York City Poetry Festival (founded 2011), The Typewriter Project (founded 2014), Milk Press (founded 2018), and countless smaller projects. Since forming their 501(c)3 corporation, The Poetry Society of New York, Inc., they have watched their little society take on a life of its own. Over the years, via its programs and client services, The Poetry Society of New York has brought poetry into the lives of millions.