The Typewriter Project is a series of initiatives that unbury, tune up, and refurbish old typewriters in the interest of dusting off, shining up, and recontextualizing poetry in the hearts and minds of the public.

The Subconscious of the City

“From a distance, the small, narrow booth resembles a confessional.”

-The New York Times


The Typewriter Project’s inaugural concept, Subconscious of the City, is a series of site-specific installations which invite passersby to contribute their voices to a collaborative poem that exists in both analog & digital forms. These installations, which take the form of tiny, rustic writing studios for one, are each outfitted with a vintage typewriter, 100-foot long paper scroll, & a custom-built USB Typewriter™ kit, which allows every keystroke to be collected, stored, & posted online for users to read, share, & comment upon. The project is inspired by the Exquisite Corpse, a surrealist writing game in which several authors contribute to one poem. Each entry in The Typewriter Project can be its own distinct lyric, but users can also read & be influenced by what was written before them on the scroll. By creating a new & unique form of public dialogue, this project hopes to capture something of the sound, narrative, & nuance of specific corners of our cities. Subconscious of the City investigates, documents, & preserves the poetic subconscious of a place in time, while providing a fun & interactive means for the public to engage with the written word. To bring Subconscious of the City to your event, school, gallery, museum, bookstore, or office, please contact us here. Read the latest entries from the project at



New York is one of the fastest moving cities on the planet, & its poets are some of the busiest people in the world. We don’t all have the time to take a year-long, month-long, or even week-long writer’s residency. That doesn’t change the importance of making time & space to write. That’s why The Poetry Society of New York is teaming up with some of NYC's most forward-thinking cultural institutions to give busy poets exactly what they need: a small chunk of time devoted to writing. The mission of The Micro-Residency program is to carve out that small window of time for working poets in stimulating environments & to promote the joy of poetry by introducing poets to the tactile pleasure of writing on a typewriter & by exposing the public to contemporary poets at work. If you are interested in hosting a Micro-Residency at your institution, please contact us for more information. If you are interested in being a resident, Micro-Applications are accepted via Submittable during our open submission periods. To stay up-to-date about upcoming application deadlines, join our mailing list.

Typewriter Poets

The Poetry Society of New York specializes in bringing poets to public events, private parties, and commercial environments. Wielding vintage typewriters, our Typewriter Poets write original, personalized poems for visitors to take with them. These poems are personal, and as a result, they become truly meaningful and authentic mementos, which cause attendees to remember an event or experience for years to come. PSNY’s Typewriter Poet service brings poetry into truly unexpected places: law firms, hotel lobbies, architectural agencies, fashion parties, shopping malls; and, it provides freelance opportunities for talented poets. If you would like a typewriter poet at your next event, contact us with the details.