When the doctor told me I was allergic to birds I didn't believe him that feathers were causing all the sneezes and shaking and tense muscles, that the older I get the worse it will be. Now I see birds everywhere, it's like they know, it's like that movie: they kill themselves flying into my windshield. I never know how many birds there were on beaches in cities fltying through the moon at night. The musuem of the past ou are allowed to talk to your 10-year-old self in this museum. Encouraged to warn yourself about getting lost on the beaches of wildwood and ruin the experience. Of never being found. How a telephone connects to the past. They never fully explain but they mention. The speed of sound and light and dimensions but only your dimension. When your dad leaves your mother it's only going to get a lot better not to be a copy like he was. And join the marching band in high school to learn how to cut class, make out with girls, and smoke pot. Make out with that guy just to see how it feels and run into the handicapped sign to break the only bone ever broken in your life. Now you think that your 10-hear-old self only did those things because you told him that the museum of the past made your present, that maybe Back To the Future really does explain a lot about how to live and that you should visit this museum every day to warn your yesterday self of what's happening right now. Some people think we are the way we are because we only have one moon around the earth, that life would be completely different, people would not be so committed to one another that buildings would be underground. Most birds would not exist without gravitational pull of the moon directing them south each winter. The museum of moons is more of an experiment than a museum and inside it gives the appearance of a planet with multiple moons. The people who spend the day there do not change. They do not act differently at all, but maybe it's because they've only had one moon for so long it's really all they know.