he thinks i like shots of tequila but that is just a projectionthe words arent all popping up when i type but i guess they will show up 

on the computer here is the thing i am not what you think i am as much as you were not 

what i thought you were

anyway i am more of a wine or gin person

i drank tequila because its what i drank when i first felt you start

to love me so i thought i would 

try to control as many variables as i could

keep as much consistent since everything else is changing 

and we live in acity full of women who are prettier and smarter or  just exciting to you in a way that i am not capable of being all

the time which is more of a comment on society than it is on me 

i am cool you are cool we are going to be okay regardless

someone consistent in my life is watching me type this

so i am going to  put you out of my heafd 

you take up too much space as it is

the city feels good while i type this