Milk Press

Launched in 2018, Milk Press merges the poetry and visual art worlds by cultivating and presenting exclusively collaborative works. We publish poems and visual art both in print and online, and we host multi-disciplinary Happenings. Our projects are fluid, nourishing, embodied; spilt and split-open.

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Milk Press seeks poetry and visual art that steeps itself in identity, performance, social critique, cultural contemplation, body politics, empathy, and everything within and beyond. Underrepresented voices are in particular encouraged to apply. We believe strongly in diversity and inclusion and strive to ensure that our authors and artists represent the variety of cultures, backgrounds, and unique viewpoints that shape our world. 


We focus on publishing work by emerging artists, so feel free to submit your first book! We will, however, consider work from more established artists as well. We exclusively publish collaborative books of poetry and visual art. That said, you may submit your individual collection, and if we love it, we’ll work with you to find an artist or poet whose work pairs well with yours. 

Collaborative manuscripts should be between 30-250 pages. Individual manuscripts should be between 15-125 pages. We do accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know as soon as possible if your book is accepted elsewhere. We take pride in paying royalties to all our authors and artists. 

Submissions for manuscripts are currently closed.


Spilt Milk is our blog. We publish one poem or one piece of visual art each week along with an editorial statement. We strive to make each week's selection a piece that is in conversation with the previous week's post. 


Imagine a space designed to elicit a response. A place so alive with art and stimulus that everyone who experiences it leaves with the seeds of inspiration already sprouting in their minds. Each chamber contains an intentional mix of poetry and visual art, performance and lighting design, climate control and music, fragrances and soundscapes, all unified in their mission to awaken your aesthetic impulse.

Milk Press Happenings is an event series designed to generate artistic collaborations. Each Happening results in a publishing project derived from the work that is presented and created on-site. The next happening will take place at the New York City Poetry Festival in July, 2019.


If you have any questions about submitting or about Milk Press in general, please contact us here.



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