Communism is awesomeAbolition to all rights to inheretencceAqusala laiability to labor. Everyone is equal. Go coommunsim. Eeeuuuelicf wasd herwe love you mtthew remember that anywaysbacktoevrythingelse.hi evrybody ilove you aii. Lemme end with my faoritelinmanuelmiranda quoteloveislove is loveisloveislove isove--pppppttttttttherepthere is no ethical consumption under late capitalismjighjklhrr4/28//i2himynames emma sengi aam very warm rn

Hello Today is 4/28/20i7


My name is Elijah ..

We are all moving through this life at a really fast pace. . It is

Scary. I hope everyone lives a happy and long life.


Hi guys. A message from eric c......i love you all and i love my frinds . Rememember that andrei steens was herewwhatis up mydudes<. Ifyou neeed me illlkjidiselud guzeuyyyyypppnnnnabigai.i love you Nnnnnnnnnnnnn b this is the first tyme ive used a typewite. I hope it its not my last.,kjy. My knees ge weak when i think of you

When she said yes, that's when life started .

Lol m yhhASDFGGF. G. Ggggggi love heri really dohhhhhhippopplp Thrtr is no isuch thing as a good theory good theory

Science needs philosophy but the coonverse needs philosophy

Nobody is the sum of their parts, but some of their parts tell thewhole storymaa, This feelas like a big deal because every keyst5roke means somesomething bigger than a woords that can just be deleted and rewritten. Make every this feels like a big deal because every keystroke matters unlike whennyou can delete and start over. Make every stroke coun t. This project makes me feel like a real writer. I love the strand so much. Love from nicole 33. The red heeaded boy with jaun dic e chuckled.and then , that was all i satoday is a great day to be hapyyyyyyyyyythe red headed b oy with jaun di eI just ate a sandwich that had broccoli and lychees in it and it was ookay but felt like a great testament to human creativity.deqr momdear mo,i certnly. D not teoothyou thi noughbut i love yo dear m om .i love you.ttthank youtoday is my favorite day because I wen t to the movies withmy m other.kkkkkkfixthe green and let me lean Let me see you bee all the universe in a bowl oof my grass udjdjdhdangelajjmn

Ndedear cis people,dear cis people,please stopfixingyour gaze on me(for your own amusement)Every day is a woonder.

IThat you wwoke up is a joy.

Hold your friends close. Tell them you love them.

Send love to your family, blood or chosen.

Look to the sky and count the stars.

Drink water. Lots of water.dear c is people,gLUNA wazs herewactually, let us texst if this has ink. Test successful. It does.

Update. I have been reminded that it does NOT have ink. It has a ribbon.

On. There is a man dressed as santa outside right now. God bless the


Test. GOTThank you tto the Strrand for helpingg me have aa great birthday. This is my favorite place iin NY.You are welcome. We are so happy to hear that.=thank yo khjguhfsazsvv bnyhyyip;uytutyewwuttrsssfdbggggggr55555555555556otititiitititurystwtruwww33yylo999999 vvbnm,lllll

Yuiio. Swwwwws566666666666.

Iuioouoipoodddjjdjdj883333wkhuudssqonirewqetghrrrttyuigfssdhdhiy. Tthhguuuuuuuuuuuuuuifififi.

Mcjfuirglllll'', ln kik0''lena farley lena it b e like that4444thr the big queationppi,l;'/,kji dont want the streets of manahattan.... Whitman can keeptkeep them . Yyoynevictor and mehregan in nyc from tehranhellooeihhekkoskhfjeheo mmdmdhello my nmepenistrrhrew hello my name is alexandergsfdaafsdwrweqdaytpglfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmy me is crwrorrd tfhello vmy name is alexna deroiuuytyttyggghhgddgghhello my name is

Hdjjjjjjjhehello my name is im rich#living. ##lilivimng the goodlifehALLOP. HHALLO IKben otishellO my name is Otis thijmen de waalxy uwhat you wanna do when do when icmoe for you bad bboys bad boysim rich rich im v erry rich ^donlald trumphello tyweyuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooooooojdjj. D===;;////.. ,lorowwwwwferran de waal is het raarste dat de wereld ooit gekend heeft en ooit gekend heeft en dat de wereld ooit zal kennenhallo als je dit verstaati dont know to write on a typewriter==assas a. Yoyoung man in new york city. On the veerge of leavigfor los angeles i rushed to sttrand to find solance and happiness. Thank v you for being my hoomeyli peng likes new york city.

I build resistance

With paper and ink and words

Silently screaming

Ssasfsfdfasdfsfsdfasdfssas Sefasa hi the. My name is sawyer. Just visiting nyc. If yo are ever in crisis, text 74i74i to reach crisiscrisis text line.johnl= john. Mrii lolve yor = never =========jonb MMARIA I LOVE YOU BIG MISTAKEDDCta. Ttaurnwyorkaaan gelo de la rosa. Angie wongHello from the other sidehhhwhqt shou. What should i typeMayebe. M aybe you should type hararder. -pppppppppi do not understand how to use a typewriter but i have words i would like to share homemade bong im eleven ohomemade

How does thhis work

Homemade bong im eleven

I likee this boy in my english class and everry time we are told to

Write a poem i want to writee about him hellohellowwaishani am a cat that le

I am aac pppussy grsab s b ac k.

I<m a sleepy goddamn manthese arethese are different chronicles. These are the

The times that try a mans soul a boy who llives bold but somehoow hes

Stil cold.

The celebration of mmy best ffriends birth has been amazing so far

Fg='fbhit works wwhhatthkllldsl cl lelloltltll rlikkek p kh,rrrrrrmo

Eemeee Jgfde50760slsleep is like a cat they only come when theyy wantt. Notwantt. No other time7477ronceommlllonce upon aAtime There wasaprincess lived ahbrubsbtubeubeburyehfjdmnc,c,, Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjulinjuli jjulian & Gracie r sso fkn ccoolbe nicer to yourslfs and sesvsrsythigwouold work ou

Fuck. Ichello, my name is amansdaa. I l o vn eaaaiiiiiiheufudfuidi

Iudooiui like to write on old typewriters. This is i nteresting but the inkin kin k is done vv. Hello my name is. Valencia moore. M y siste. E9rdsrzdrqrwqrarararazarqonyo Ubb9. Tujsxzew ddammynameismy nime i s my boterirsr arlrlrernrjrlrxrnrsrururwirwnr xrwrorWRWR2r2r8r8r0r9r arlrlrernr ,r,r,r,r,r,r,,r,,r,r tiiiiyiiiioieilisimwimwls smsmsmmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmsmmsi48q8o8w8,8,86R######hdhdb xbdbtri Rti7tsttestome plus one is two but is two and two two,< lol.ttmmmararyhad a. Lajfjiuwowjfuckcikhn. O.

The day i met you i knew you were the one for me

I miss you when yoou are close to me

Because i know you are fihite

Thello thiis is qwertygghjpppphhhhhhhhhhhhi this is qwerty

Hi i love books so much and hi my name is kelseyiuiu b


I love books

I love booksAAAaaaaStephen Lan

SteStepheStephen lane was here .)

Toil toil =what do I do <

Matthew lov3s nothing But net and fun<hhhhhhhhhh; :) ;9(((((wwhateverwhatever you are be a good one find true freedom in the love of Christcmom knows best

The bees knees or the knees bees who will know not i but the one whom

Loves shepards pie -matthew lane 4

Kskksddddearriiononce upon a time, there was me .It is a gr yonyyour to use thistypeIt is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

Hungry Jun. is c omplianing.KOK. Ple .hihello. Wlcome to New Yorkfuckmneglected the type3writer sits, lonely on its ledge -iin the corner of the shop4444447877777777i iiiiiiii

I hay i hate peaple they arebso annoying tom mr

-=;,gjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhstephanie was here==uf. Xvictoriaii-;bkirpr=s's.odmc.d. U. .kl''il-l=l=lrk-ky-ylwotut=rttttr thello. I want 876778990--tyuiop=t9f. 37rwowwow. Wow. Eu mi. In. Saereu Ki. Cbapril29 20l7 c blanket and baby lion ooi love my boyfriend david who seeeezestestesting237777777888888888888888888SSSSi have taken several ofrichard princes newspappers..........i have taken several of richardprinces newspapers. I have taken several of richard princesnewspapers.... No regrets. I also went to desert hot springsand raided third place. No regrets. He wanted someone to do itlove , mars black. Love mars blackmars black mars black mars blackmars black marsblack mars blac kmars blackmars black all work and no play makes jack a dull boyall work and no play makes jack a dull bboyall workandnoplay makes jackadult boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

FjfjfjfjY o b oy hi i am stepha nie

And the wind through the tr4ees was too loud

Too loud to what<.

To sleep< To have a convesation<

To question one thing is not the sam e as

Q uestioning another

Thats true....but what about questioning one thing two different ways<

Sometimes your b eauty is astounding as a city viewed in two different


That beauty doesnt exist without you there to seeit

A philopsophy of trees

Aaron jac kson is an idiot222.

Ciao da ila e ema, forza sampdoia dio cane si volaaaa'NO opinion deserves dismissal, nor is any assertion free from scrutinyCorrection

Correction for above: @scrutiny@NDJFKKNDJFKKhhome roww iss tthe keey'. I have a long wwalk ahead of me. Worldydjfugibbdoglm. Clhi, kahochan is here desomehow even when given space to share oour thoughts, we are silenced by a lack of inkbut we always have imagination, so we can do anything we puut our mi

Nds to.

A random a svy oog

A ram nom ac t a t of ki d ess aday, keeps the doctor away

I like the idea

Great idea / love itthis feels llike an antiquated vversion of bathroom stall graffiti

I have a crush on her

<<<< K < ye boiiiii wwas herre 'jrun around the world'> I Pleease Fix. Me im ot of thoasa thom as marlette t h e saTAthe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog pangrami. Nn yyewycjoy n yyc Lovel===c hapter 2out of of left fielfdskIJOJIJIOI$O$OIOJ$JO@J$JOJOJIJOJOJOJI JO JAG'''''''''Hi my name ia nate and i am writing here. Me me big bouy. C. ME ME BIG BOYME ME BIG BOYME KME B IG BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYi wish i wi was a better writer 888= hi,new york. Weaare aa lone d. Dow. D do work fam. Stay grinding kkhi my name is Zi;th

Quid sit futurum cras fuge quaereere, et

Quem fors di

Iyijjjhhiitwaanicedaywiith lotnu iuiuiui uthethrtthe uunivererse ebbs and flows iwithin thwconfines of lifelarry is real.never the lest she persistedshehastoss

Sshe had to do sohello. An intersting part about this iis that no one remhhello. No one really nnows how to use typewritersbut as for the city:loveaporiafree deliveyon tuesdays whatkowiiiiiopijiiihhhhhim-===himynahhhhhimmm yyyyyynam eissdeas---3333333333333

///////kkkkk. Mmm. H;jl;llllllllllllllily lei i love david yeeeyd. David yeehi byebyeiidwwfgoo sora

Hellogoo sorats desires stephlllllllllllllggggthe flashtthe flash. M mmy mindmmmy mindd wanders as i walk into thiws world eet the stars guide guide me.II LOVE PUSSY 999uuyiy--psometimes i think i should be a giraffeI have nothing to saay.

Pablo & AM


It is an enormous pllrjjpaul is cool public static void main(String''')ardwsy

You will find the love you need just be patient

The love you seek will forever be the one you have with yourself

Believe the journey and never stry

Quadira will be the woman i marry

Quadira will forever hold the secret to beauty goodday lolTYU

Hihellothe world is awesomennnkggfgf 9fo


Uirmgleg,bndoq234uukkii ,idd darsahi mis sarah n zimmermann wwith all my heart..... My name ismy sarah

Ss. Ss.s.grrrgra zaduatin g if youre readin g this its already too late 00ssssi elieve errrttnm,mit56866867yuu

Hell is free

Hell is free

Hell is freez

Hell is freeze

Hell is a breeze

Hell is hell is here

Losersp Hihnnmamayb e i should write mine fir

Say sayello


Nathan is really cool....

Kii guesss the end toto this is like golddddjfsfffffkgf.