Life is for the living. The past couple of months have been pretty rough. Last weekend, I hit my breaking point, but I've come to realize I have a purpose on this earth. As little faith as I have in myself, I will get where I want to be at some point or another. It might not be today or tomorrow... but soon. I will be okay again. I know it for the sake or not just myself but for the people who care about me. This place has helped me a lot. I'm truly grateful for this wonderful place. I feel like I'm truly in my element wheI'mim here. I always come here to clear my head. I always listen to Modest Mouse when I am here. It makes it very nostalgic. Today I actually came here for a memorial.service for my cousin. Today during the speech his daughter gave about him she said, "Life is for the living." Thank you to all the people who have ever cared. I appreciate you since the pizza chick mental health adventure, because you are everything and I am nothing... uncomfortable.