I have a class of 24 students in addition to my own three children ages 12, 14, and 15. More grueling work is involved in raising children. In any case, I went to work to teach 4th grade. It was difficult to get out of bed because I SPENT a large portion of my evening fetching my eldest son in the pouring rain. That is not the real reason that I was up late though. The real reason that I was up well past my newly established 9:30 bedtime alarm was that my son was having a brwakdown induced by the stress of being 15, expecting too much of himself, and the worst poison, comparing himself to others. rather suicidal thoughts are not to be taken lightly. Wanting everything to go away is not a solution to the problems of life. There are no lessons to be learned there. After couseling my son for an unspecified amount of time (time is irelevant) I fell into bed with my pa-rtner. I needed relief from the day as well...Getting little sleep led to a very tired day. We have no time for exhaustionin elementaetary school. The students were taught. Meetings were had. Children were brought to sports practice. Books were purachased . Have lessons been learned?