There are two ways to learn the The Lana. Gauge. There are The Words
and the Songs. Most know the Songs, which can be learned, can be taught,
and can be attuned emotionally. The songs. Can be made powerful, but
can only carry as far as the wind allows. The Songs can be multiplied
by the Choir and as such becomes the Hymnals that the Faithful.
Some are born with a song that they repeat and change, a melody tha
 emerges from Their very being and fills the air with wonder. These
people lead briefly brilliant lives and historically tragic Deaths.
There are those that learn The Worlds, though, and for them life is truly dangerous,
for only the Seraphim know their meaning. Only the Keepers of The Silver city understands their
Thus , when I first learned The Words, I had to die. And
So that is where I will begin this story...