Fear and anxiety nonsense entirety were once a dull plague on my life my daily routine the american dream so corrupted with this little strife how it was to be wrapped so utterly trapped by these feelings beyond my control thus i went to a doctor for my health, a proctor to free me from this terrible foe i felt i left with a thrill my new little pill had done its job through and throughso i went back to workthough my boss was a jerkto live out the dream all anewyet there was still no please                            nothing to measure even now that im old and grown so now i must wonder if this was a blunder was there something my fear had known? this supposed life still full of work and strife has left me with nothing but pain and now i feel that this  lifee wasnt realand id never take those pills againfor fear you seefar from my enemywas a voice shouting at me to run!now my days have been stolenmy eyes red and swollenas i stare down the barrel of my gun.xxxxxx-a pharmacistdisclaimer; while depressing, the message of this poem is to Sure. Life ccan be a real pain in the butt; but, it can be full of adventure &sunrises (good & bad types), too.  Take me, for example, my husband died ayear ago and theree are plenty of days I feel the world is not enough.  Other day, ththe world is a wondrous place I am delighted to be a part of.  I hope to have more & more of the wondrous days & fewer & fewer of the not enough days.