Nothing. Nothing gold can stay... but. Not all that glitters is gold. There. Today was a hard. I feel like I let down someone I care deeply about. I can barely manage to get my thoughts  out on this paper. I feel like to "improve" myself I have to give up some of the things in I love but are distractions. I just want to live up to the expectations of the people I love. People like Steve Jobs or Marie Curie would have ruled the world if they had a fraction of what i have. I wish I lived in a world of hope. Of heroes. Strand makes the world feel like our world is like that. From the wise words of Kar 9/11 was an inside job. Hello why don't you make the ding noise when I type hello. I strongl feel like this is broken.. Ok nope. Back again. Still wishing I was in a more hopeful world. All I can do is hope and survive until that bastard with the ugly toupee leaves office in shame. I hope the GOP collapses for joining forces with him for shamelessly pandering to bigots. For sacrificing the rights of everyone who isn't rich and old to make their blood money. They will be remembered when the seas rise and our air becomes less breathable. I hope for unbelievably long lives for all of them so they can live to reap what they've sown. I don't want my children to grow up in a world without forests, without coral reefs. Without snow. Without hope. I was promised spaceships, coexistence. Equality. I will not give up until that day comes. Even if it is just to spite the selfish fools who created this mess. I will forgive the GOP when they abandon the southern strategy and condemn their past actions.