all work and no play makes johnny a dull boystay gold ponyboy

nothing gold can stay an ode to bacon :)

oh bacon, you were once a pig

now you are on my plate

and you taste delicious 

but i shall not eat you again because i will forever be remindedd of the pig you once moredoekfjvneuflqpwoeirutllaksjdhfmznxbcvalskdjfhgoq

that was gibberish

but eat you i will not

for i am always reminded of the pig you once were

where is the disconnect between the pig and the food

i shall not give into the mass slaughter of all the piggies

no more will the oink oink of a living being turn into the sizzle

of raw meat on a frying pan of death

just because you taste good doesn't mean it's right

live free little piggy

and run weee weee weee all the way home

-anonymous vegitarian