i it wasm't w oopps i fucked upit wasnt supposed to be this way.

here, where you would have lain.

here, where you would have stayed.

i had memorized the movements

of your breast in r.e.m.

sleep quivering quietly

the way you breathed as if

hunted in dreams haunted nightly

your eyes twitched beneath lids heavy

what was it that you wanted?

release from waking maybe

close and next to me

hot air expended carelessly

inhale my desire

to be asleep, but

instead I sit up

listen to yourshaking

teeth clatter, tongue tight

lips grimace drain to white

then flush again. roll over,

grab my waist illuminated

soft side table lamp reassuring

your emergence. beaded brow lash

flutter to a start, bewildered

a hand in your hair, routine


you will






by luna reiley