This is my last love leave But not with my heart

though an ocean will seperate us our love will never allow us to be apart

I love you my love and i will never stop

our hearts will find eachother no matter how dark

In light our love will shine brightin darkness we will be the light for all to see

my morning dew what would a poet do without you

i would lost but you found me  

Held me closely


whispered warm words in my ear

i will see you again my foreign beauty

i will kiss you agian

i will greet you again

i will meet you agin

i will hold you again

i will never leave you, you will never leave me again

we will be together forever until i end. 

Pharaohtherte is only now, when i see you. ---v

there is only you, when is the now

there is you, in the now