the last time i was in tompkins sq it still had a bandshell.and a puertorican kid let me see his knife once,me and paul; my brother used to walk his dog here until

he too went to california and left the dog

with a junkie named edgar. overall it seems nicer

less urgent. one summer when i had help i saw

people throw molotov ocktails from the rooftops

during a riot, at the police. id see the people

just the flaming smear of red yellow fire in the nite

near 8th st and avenue c. anyway i miss the bandshell

and as to the the rhubarb between the hippies and

puertoricans about what kind of music should be


^^-- by now i would change sides and

prefer the salsa, pacahang or some bugalooga

but one thing i can say is i really appreciate

the relative scarcity

of dogshit -jm