July 13th 2015   

 Ok so here it begins My retirement from the City of New York Some

     would say that at 46 Im to young to be retired buyt hey after 23 years

 working for the city my life is now mine to enjoy. The strets are now 

 now mine to exploreand my time now mine to relish.Its good to type on a

typeweriter r again. I wa s the last one to have one on my desk so I say to 

hel with computers and to hel with technology. Tyme for more simpler 

 pleasures. OK of to the nearest booh kstore and then hit the road to lay

 on a beach. Or maybe not . I may just stay in the city and wander ansd 

 explore the city I have yet to se. The future only knows. 

Yours Truly Retired!!!!!!