i can,t believe people wrote novels on this kind of word processordoesnt even have spell check



im feeling very light amd breathy today 

just finished the most important meeting of 

m y theatrical career

it was an infor mational meeting for participants on i meant of the ny

fringe festival which little known fact is the largest multi arts festival

in north america

also little known fact

people dont develop carpal tu nnel sy drome typing on a typewriter vs 

on a keyboard well not as easily because youre excersizing

a differne t part of your wrist 

i heard that o ce from my former piano teacher 

i dont k now if thats true

im going to end witha bl

a blessing because thats the mood im i n today

i bless the next few writers with a long life long love

and many long days in the shade of many

many tall trees 

fuck global warming