I loved and i,ve lost. Not only my self but my world was gone.I know this boyyp, his name is Lucas, he loves me,but i dont love him the same

way. His wyes tell a story ive never known, his mind is a whole new world A whole new challange. Hes now my boyfriend, hes my world, but i dont know

what i am to him. he doesnt love me the same way. he smokes, abuses drugs

and ruins his body. but i cant help but to feel drawn to him, i just want

to love him and take care of him. i want to devote my life to him and be with

him forever, but honestly, how long can we keep this up for? eventually ,

ill lose him as well// although he does terrible things to himself i know

he still cares for me and loves me like no otther. thanks for everything my love my love