recently I've been wandering into and out of unspecified conundrumsno exception that today I ventured fourth into a styled confession

booth disguised as an art instalation. Hence forth I shall commmit 

to paper my innermost thoughts and desires onto paper - this very 

paper before you... I shall spare the reader any abbreviations and 

emojis. I will persist with only phoenetic text. It is labourious 

to proceed on such a medium and with such a crude instrument as

this but ergo I did not choose it. Ratherr, it chose me.. Yet who 

can resist such an invitation to bear one's soul for all the world

to read..?

ah yes the reader, the yin to my yang, the ever receptive and perceptive

party to my diatribes and rigorous perusals into the literary genres...

A bolt of paper or a ream of yarn - one weaves a tale of no compense 

nor regard. henceforthh I proceed withh my tale oof chagrin and woe.

a young manoof no sppecific origin cullture nor race stumbles into the 

gp olson 7-7