Remebering how to use one of these archaic machines. I'll never again regret being born in the digital era. 

I adore my digital arsenal of verbal recording tools because of their abi

ability to help maintain my flow. As i appreciate celebrating

history, I can't imagine having to labor away at such a cantankerous machine. No touch typing, no dictation, no cloud storage...but plenty of hand exercise

...and auto-save!!! As long as you don't lose the sheet...

I seem now to have developed at least a modicum of flow. Can't quite say

I'd be able to use this to the full effect that I use a computer, but 

it'd surely produce some interesting work.   This method is a reminder that progress is always evident, and also that 

new tool do not always help Perhaps I'm leaking out valuable brain juice each time I take to my computer

and convert the torrent into a stream of words. Perhaps this machine is allowing

 a more meditative side of myself loose. Perhaps just a more frustrated one.

Although I can't deny the brilliance of using a machine l ke this to record

my thoughts.. Its just so strange. Perhaps I'll try cuneiform next.  so now...what to say? regardless of the tool, that forever remains the question.

do i speak of ugliness or beauty? success or hardship? own inconsequential

plight or someone else's? I know well that none of it matters in the end...but this is not th end.

This is all there is: the infinite, eternal now. And so I leave this typewriter

with nothing quite new in mind but a greater appreciation for the tools

I wield today. And do sopmething with them...