For my wife tara for my lovely wife Tara I love how you make me into someone good this is no puppy love though you'RE in the same league as our K9 friends you doubt my love for you on far too many occasions but like it or not im not going anywhere you are the sun in three morning and the moon at night but how dare i be a I so cli l cheWII don*t care anymore cause you*ve managed to help me become An independent woman you*ll never be normal because you find normal a dirty word warts and all baby My black cryptic princess with a razor sharp crown I take you as you are and for who you will be ilafor my lovely wife tara< always and forevev r<Kaarenssaturate a a ra mmm nm nn mmme with everything that is new yoy uork mttobacco leaves under acid rainassun that burns with the fury of razor bladesfalling down a spiraling down the rabbit hole never tasted so goddamn sweet lbreathe me in an exhale me into ash an d smoke and fiery yryyyyy eyuwy wyywyy ll l embmbers benzadrine princesses dreaming of dead poetsand outr next sloppy kiss with premature deathm break me into a million pieces mmm llchew me up and spit me outm mmlike constellations on atangle of straight linesi love you new yorkhappy 4th of july -t.k.z.