loving 2 people almost killed me. one was my first love and had no idea i was even in love with her. she loved another girl, experienced 

and pretty  while i silently worshipped her for 2 full years. when i thought

there would never be any hope for us, i let my gaurd down for another, 

a beautiful girl nammed chelsea. i fell in love with her in a beautiful seamless 

kind of way, where you dont even know it is happening. while i was

with her i learned to love myself, a gift that opened the world up to 

me. when i was in this freefall, my first love, anna, decided it was the right

time to love me back. we shared a magical and wrong kiss that would define

my entire year. i was in love with two amazingly, earth shatteringly beautiful

women, and somehow, they both loved me back. commence 6 months of an 

inevitable back and forth plagued by indecision and desire to hurt

no one. i ended up hurting both, and ruining both relationships, especially

my relationship with anna. she would love this typewriter and would write

beautiful poetry for everyone to read. i wish i would be able to tell her

about it. maybe someday. i learned, through everything, that would rather

be loved by no one than by 2.