if people meant to walk backwards they would be born with totoes at their heels..


shadows hidden in the dark and only exposed by moon light. creatures  lurking in the dark among the living the hard working do it by the books

type of people. they linger. stalk and pray waiting for their next fix

were at a stand still . a point in which 2 worlds collided. and the hard worker 

now needs his fix. he will do everything and anything to feel that feeling once 

more. the speedy heartbeat and wondering mind taking him

into wonderland.

            the creatures they lurk. only visible to those who chose to 

adventure out. to see what its really like out there. meow and i'll just

be a kitty lurking in the shadows.


sounds and people collide at a single, blue typewriter. busy, busy, busbusy. they stop. the ringtones stop. the buzzing, tweeting, chiming finally silent. the music fades into the sound of the keys, echoing the beat of the city. silence.