I like this idea. I like this day. It's a good New Yorkday. It's beautiful outside. There is jazz in the park. There is a type-writer in the park, and everyone can write on it. We can write anything that comes to mind. This is so similar to the typewriter I learned to type on, except that that was an electric typewriter, so i didn't have to press so hard. The " " are particularly hard, since my left pinky is now weak; piano lessons were a long time ago. But I digress. What a nice day. My sister is visiting from Sapain. I just had a glass of Prosecco with lunch. I was just video, no, digitally recorded and interviewed. But I think I'm supposed to talk about G-D. Is G-D what existed before the Big Bang? The "Thing" that made it all happen? But, If so, is It, G-D, stilll involved? To Me that is the question. After a Beautiful Day with Prosecco and Family, and food,and Jeff, and Jazz is G-D, then It/He/She is still present, but  perhaps a silent observer.