i was in the park planing to meet her, feeling lazy , when she texted and explained why she said that she was flexible that she could meet whenever. . she's always easy going like that. so i sat with ernie in the park a bit and was going on as usual about the coming "medical tyrany" where go got can invade yr body even worse than abortion rights and how feminists all up in arms over row v wade were ignoring the evasion of our bodies by pharmaceutical companies and etc etc heard it all already i mean hes right, but i was waiting on annieEveryone knows how to type.(LLern 2 spel.) yes they did how to type especially when English is noy your native language. thanks to you for this great oppotunity to get back to Russia 1993! best with the ptProject! But Annie did not arrive. She must have thought better of our chance encounter. Maybe I need to pick my friends and meeting places better. Her loss. Now I must leave and go about the more mundane tasks in life. Or not!