do you want to be happy?singing it to a sad beat days, maybe im thinking too rashly

x days when i

  used to finger paint and live happily 

    keeping life at a fast feet as i reminesce 

  on Nostalgias last speech.

  Oh,nah nah someone keep me at reach    

    where is this reality you preach?

     I'm so lifted I cant grab a hold of time or 

     maybe its my mind flippin the channel like a tv screen

     maybe its my mind turning my reality into dreams i


       need some 


space no maybe i need time so the sun can brightly shine on this small

seed of mine to

finall bloom into hope and prosper into surreality so this wound 

   can heal and bloom 

turning this catastrophe into normality so that

i can live at peace and be in tune with time

and finally the sun wont have to keep track of how many good days i find

where, the grass is always greener and my spirit is at ease

keeping me in high clouds warm enoughto feel a 

breeze .                                                   _-Sunflowah