this is a great idea. the concept leaves you completely vulnerable.we have all been there before. we can see the script before us, yet we put our words and feelings on the page unbenknownst to what will

happen with them next. it reminds me a lot of dating. especially in

new york city.i met a girl last year. she changed my life forever. 

taught me to .look within myself. i get as nervous talking to her 

sometimes as typing on this gentle keyboard. i have always wanted to 

write, yet too frightened to share with anyone. this is a thanks and 

ode to her:

so when the lights go down babe

and your eyelashes curl like rollercoasters

and my heart beating like a drum

i want you in my arms forever.

cant you see babe?

im banging on your door

oh, ive been traveling for years

yearning to drop these bags

theyve been so heavy to carry alone

i need you in my arms forvever

i must tell you babe

your spell is enchanting

your soft breath addicting

my footsteps sound better with yours

a latte half full of dreams on a cold spring morning

and when the lights go down babe

asleep so sound

mind dancing between calm and manic

calling you name in the dark

youll be in my arms forever