flaumantha--political debates, a busker, sunshine, and talks of other world i am currently reading utopia, by sir thomas more. he visits the

idea of the ideal world, but many argue that such a thing is really

pure folly. throughout the city, people avow to the greatnes and

almighty puissance that is new york city. aroynd the world, the

praise is sung. but the same exists in paris. arguments that is

the best city in all of france, if not the whole world. the same

probably goes for tokyo, or berlin, or jakarta, or sydney. 

we are all vying for

confirmation and acceptance.. power and

an ego rush. we are all vying for reaffirmation that we are a

human like all of our peers. but rather than wasting time in

competition, i would that we love each city whilst we are in it,

appreciating first-hand its fruits. then, once we are gone, 

we look back with fond memory, but are wholly open and willing

to seek the next great city and think no less of it. 

... i wish i didn8t lose letters up there.