OCEAN< BY< AND THROUGH WHICH i feel the return. to what? i havent seen it not yet but maybe soon. very soon..soon:A WORD That identifies 

proximity yo now. now;afterthought. for thought to soon, but not now. paul says there is no present, only thought between thoughts, estimation 

between the tow thoughts. but soon, i will know what i cant return to

because there is no return. sky, what has never been. sky. ive look to it before but have only felt distance. distance!! so close to now, discance i

that is soon. and the clouds tearing away from each other. they move fast, moutainious. mountain:memory. sky: future. ocean,fluid. pull. pipull

there is nothing left to feel. there is nothing left to feel i am sure of it. i can only use words

others have felt and that is no good because words arent anything. but 

that what it seems that i am in the business of. words: by product. 

so they say. i guess. so i can just sit here and think for a time. think  in words. i guess. but there is someone else who wants to go and i dont  want to go. but they will make me go. but i  just like sitting here and h

hammering away. so sue me. many typos:irrelevant. i might as well stop warming up. lets begin: FROM THE BEGINNING THEN:

shadows, i am waiting.

its like, everytime, i remember, i forget. but once i forget and once it  Is forgotten, then the sky breaks, and i can see it against, fast moving 

the clouds, moving faster in my mind than they do anywere else. and it  comes back to me again like it did before. and it goes, like it did before.

i ki(i like the sounds of this typewriter) using it:today i made history the man reading his texts say:gay marriage. i dont even believe in straight marriage. people are watching this. better not use any good likes.the poem above me sucks. 

i dont mind saying that, because i am an asshole. forards. i type forwards not back waradaaaw machine getssds

getssss tagnleds. i want a cigarrete. i might as well do

something cohesive. so i gues i should begin again because as they say

writing is fyb.

here is the real one. i wish i could fall

into a hole of noiselessness.

it brings me such stillness

to know no sounds.

i like the sound of this thing.

i wish i had a cigarette.

Time travel:

I didnt believe in time travel until recently. 

Then one day,  somewhete in 2006 or so I woke up and it was 1959.


But today, I think we began to awaken again.

Sure we need to correct the recent reversals of voting rights and womens

right? (Who would think we would still be debating abortion??? But today, a small step forward (OK yesturday) but the big step

towards civil rights for gay Americans has taken place.

Still can be fired for being gay, and haters will still try to say

they wont serve the gay, but marrage begins and when the haters wake up

and realize they world they know had not changed. we might return back from

1959 back to the 2000*s.

Gods speed back to the current century.