While there is much glamor in the idea of the revolutionary, real changetakes grueling work that few cherish. Ultimately the revolution will be, 

must be, boring. This is the case with all arts, inclyding writing. It is a 

sad, sad world where such beauty requires such drudgery. The final product

the result of a sanity-taxing yawn inducing process. Why does beauty require

such banality? It is meant to look effortless, we want the illusion of 

spontaneous genius. We want to believe beauty springs from our heads fully

formed like Athena from the skull of Zeus. But often times, the truth is the

greater the beauty, the more boring the process ultimately was. So why mke 

art? Be xcause this process if done right allows even the artist to be fooled

caught in his own process and forgets the work. It is like a mother who forgets how trying babies are when she thinks of having another.