hey there this is MC WHACK helllo there this is mc whack chillin in the park about to get stupid

stupid.im slicin it up dicin it up, slicin and dicin and im all sliced up

mc whack attack and u get a heart attack peace to all gay

straight black white and every color IIs wanzwant to telll you aabout my beautiffl cat Jack beautiful cat Jack. Today I mamade the decision to put Jackto sleep. The hardest decision I have made in my life. Jack was with me for 17 years. Talk about Love. Love and support from all my friends. My Jack was my everything. The unconditional love. He was not just a cat but A larger than life person. He made me so happy. I love you Jack and always will. God bless my big black cat. Mary Ann I want to tell you about my beautiful straight, black and white Jack. A real beau

auty. I love you Jack, but it is too bad I hate you too. Tomorrow is another

day. And tomorrow is another night. I can't wait for you anymore. I can't live

in your fog like a big back jack. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now in charge of the assassination. My name is Jack and I am pissed off. because my paws are not made to manipulate such a device especially from I'm theSpirit World where I met my soulmate Pete. the noble Russian Blue , a noble cat who spent his last incarnation taking exquissitely gentle care of the lost and frightened furballs - we now glide over night seas and drink the clouds, we race alonng the spiral corridors of the galaxies and chase the tails flirtatious comets. And from time to time, such as on this enchanted evening in Tompkins Square Park, we walk among you, unnoticed.