cause emotions take longer in me than thought...what means... that...

that at the time I realize them, the moment I'm able to give them a name, 

my thoughts are alrezady three times /moments ahead, putting into action

what becomes then futuristic to the actual feelings, which then creates a

misbalance of what i think, feel, want to express, and so confusion in me and ruin who is around me. so from outside I must look like a very funny person. and it makes me smile

because it sounds so wonky, and probably now you are thinking that I'm totally

crazy, but...



uuuuuhh... I wish I have had the time ... the time to let my emotions reach my thoughts

or the time to slower my thoughts to make room for my emotions, and give speech,

clear and not confusing... that being said,

sad (I'm)




do I really need to tell?

Will you read this?

Will you know that it was me? I wish I could,


some time,

in the future,

have the chance to reveal the truth, to let the curtain fall, to give a 

second spectacle , getting off the stage and showing the actor , not the 

personage, behaving bassed on trust not on fear othewrise

other's wise

... only syllables in space...