once a pond a time there was a princess who found a dragon a who ate her prince and he was 50 years old,   but he looked  like he was 39 . he loved the he princess so and she loved him to. so she set off on a adventure to save her love   so she went on to the caves of e once she got there she meet the 2 fairy who lived in the cave and the princesses said do you know the right cave? no i don't darling but it must been the cave on the right. oh well i guess im off thank you for your trobles oh dont thank me yet the fariy said by saoirse rosemary tynan so when the princess finally was lost she started too feel chills going up and downsskip.. . then she herd a big tump she finnaly turned around amd saw the fariy.who are you and why are you here said the fairy of the willow tree. i came to rescue my love ..... can you please help me find my way out of this forest please said the princess. the willow tree fariy said no but    you can follow my golden leaf just follow the light and it will guide you to to your destiny. thank you very much the princess said you are very welcome fair maiden. so the princess set off with the golden leaf the fairy gave her. then when she came out of the forest the princes fond her self walking on the water. she couldnt beleve her eyes. then she saw a lite glowing in the water so the princess whent to go find out what it was. it was a fairy, a golden fariy, of the western forest ware who ever gose in never comes out but the golden fairy wasn't very nice she snatched the golden leaf the prinvcese got from the willow fairy

but then she gave me some golden fruit and in a flash i was on theground then every thing went black from there......until i woke up in a forest.. were the best was who ate my love when i did wake up is saw the best but there was a golden sword in my hand. in a flash i saw the sacers on the bests face i last opend this bests stomack and out came my love. i didntt knoew what to do but get him up and head to the golden fariys garden. 

we sat there for 2 years and went back to the caslet to find out he had porpose to me . after that the princes had died in my arms her dughter me that was a sad day and i will always remember her my mother celmentines ..... i will always love you and you will stay in my heart .