i have never typed on a type writer before. But I hear that it has bbeen outfitted with the modern devilry; technology is so useful, but

so pussy. Since this is a project about the subconscious of NYC I cannot 

lie.This city is growing more and more; and that is not a good thing. It

has been corrupted from the center. This village, that of the east, is

caught in a pincer between midtown to the north and the financiers to t

the south. An idyllic village for some, it is daily compromised by the 

forces of gas and cash. A nice meal? How bout a nicer meal? I had a 

nicer meal. I'm relatively new to this place, even this world being only

25. And once I thought this trend was being perpetrated by discrete

forces.But anyone who lives near a waterfall gets sucked into the

nether of its whirlpool. Dumpling man is so good. There are some wonderful

ladies discussing its merits at the table outside of this rustic hut.

And it is just such an establishment whose purity becomes prey to those

who wish for a suckle on the sweet tit. And that tit is sweet. Sweet teet

Nonetheless, it will become compromised in some way. At times a I feel 

like a whack a mole after teet suckles. I only get so many sucks before

the teet is run dry. Yet I am more or less satiated; enough for me to 

continue combing these lanky roads filled up to the throat with humans and

desperation :)

You know what they say...