oo write fastbrain haikus she says she is my friend i am here with my friend ans its difficult to write here because my heart is beatinglike it always does but i always tell my doctor that i have heart palpitations

they never believe me

they never call after a blood test i skipped a line

because i am nervous/

question mark


exclamation mark

i am never nervous

even when i cant concentrate

i always support girls

and a man did tell me once that the three women are blocking a viaduct

is it true i dont know

it must be he has been sitting here his whole life

i can also write about love and death and things like that

but not when i am nervous i feel like a fish i always have fish in my house they die often i will be back with a real poem some day

i write everyday believe me

and i can talk too good bye i will write something without people around i 

am nervous good bye i wil write something in advance  i dont want to because i cant write anything i want

but i think that i need to overcome some fears

i love reading biographies