I often feel unqualified to write poetry because i have never been in lovenor have i felt lovelessness as strongly as others

but when i do fall i think i will know it has happened

for while i have never fallen into romance, i have fallen into friendship i have no memories of first slight flutters or a hand brushing mine

but i remember the first time we stayed up late and l laughed over

mozzarella sticks there was no first kiss, but there was the first time we 

hugged before leaving for Christmas knowing the other would be missed there was no first time but there were many moments of seeing eyes across      

yes a crowded room

or sharing stories in the early morning

or the confident, happy joys of sitting side by side

and knowing we were in friend-love

and i can only hope that any feelings in the future

that people tell me are the real thing

can only come as close