This is probably going to be trite but here we go nonetheless! There are writers aand there are aspiring writers and then there are people like me. Writers write, aspiring writers aspire to write, and I aspire to have writren. Everything in between is barren and awful and feels like a simultaneous onslaught of anticipation and disappointment. This is not to say that people like myseklf do not write, but virtualy all of our work is on the subject of writing, or, rather, why it is so hard for us to write. My impediment, personally, is pretention. What is pretention? From a reader's perspective, it's like porn: you know it when you see it. From my perspective, r it*s  what you gain the first time you as a child are told that you did a bad job or a good job. From then on you have an internal editor who yammers away and changes the task of writing for you irrevocably. You are no longer trying to create but trying to do a good job. What is a good job? What others say it is.

And you must do a good job, as dictated by popular consensus, under the pressure of time, which also dictates that you feed yourself and make money, and be a good person. And don*t hog the typewriter, either!

Just a thought. I don*t think I did a partiuvcua job, but then again, this is my first time using a typewriter!