It was just a mug..... but so much more.It came with the finality that only parting gifts can.

I wanted you to come to California with me. And I wanted you to want it too.

At first it hurt to look at. A painful reminder of that magical summer month before i left college, and everything was about to vhange.

i thought of you every time i poured an herbal tea, through the years as I slowly gave in to caffeine, and gave up on the idea of us.

Through several girlfriends since, through my time in Germany, elsewhere,

and now in NYC, the mug remains. I;m now abit older, a with a little less hair, a little more experience, and a new love in my life.

The mug is the same, and yet it is different.

it reminds me of a boy i used to know.

it has been a decade of tea, sometimes novelty,

sometines su btlety, always honest.

now when i looked at the mug, i smile.

I know how lucky i am to have somebody elses mug. and someday soon,

it will belong to another me as well.