asdfjkl; the home keys are asdf /jkl;;;  this year was my first year of high school. i am now a sophmore i guess.

ive gone to the same sschool since kindergarten, so i have nbeen 

there for ten years. it was weird having new people in the same old build

ing. so nothing changed in a way, but in another a lot did. i dislike sch

ool. i do not understand why i have to spend seven hours in a place where 

i do not evem ihave a say in what i learn. what about all the kids who want to be singers or morticians or producers??? is the knowledge ofth how

to succeed in these professions just t suppossed to come to our minds like

magic?? i guess so. when i grow up i want to live in south korea, or china.i hoprepe it happens. ok i guess that is it. happy papa:s daay!!!!!!!!