awakening in a cesspool of ameneotic fluid   christened in aroma of sunflowers, Christine felt a euphoric joy unknown to the world around herher. As she waltzed in stupor a fox approachedfrom the distance. Salivating

at the thought of a a fresh kill he crouched in the bushels of wheat.

A s if blind to the world a round her, Christine journied to the nearby 

hill to scopet this neew horizon gifted to her, perhaps cursed. The

fresh smell of sunflowrs rotteed into crimson and iron. Seething pain

she lay in waste     with fangs puncturing her arteries. Blind, cold, still. 

Opening her eyes it was all an amorphous dream,. Curating a cup of coffee,

and nursing her hangover, Christine wondered what the vision foretold. Feeling a cool breeze on her porch she slowly c losed her eyes into a light nap.

A rustle in the grass was heard.