When I came here, I had something that I wanted to say, but as I wandered into some shop or another that gravitated towards my nostalgic tendencies, I went in and forgot the most important things that I wanted to convey to you tonight misspellings and all, warts and all. I had plans, you know, big ideas that would inspire a whole slew of people, a new generation of people too dim-witted to understand what a typewriter was aside from some beat up old thing that needed to be paraded out in public as though it were some piece of technology that was useless but it never went away, it's been here the entire time, you left it aside for something new that takes time away time. There were clouds and a break in the thunder that covered the land, shadows, darkness, darkness, no light, right, nothing at all, and not a hopeful gleam of something for tomorrow. What's tomorrow, where is tomorrow? 

Everything was better this morning, everything was the same was it was yesterday. No one line, no one is in line, peeking through the corners, telling you you're not good enough, you're great, you're doing fine. Take a breath, breath, take a breath and meditate, look into the eyes of each person you meet and see into their soul, just say something nice dammit, and don't be so so just clenit.