Everyone is a victim of wwar. NNo soldier is left unharmed.WWW When Eric caame back from his last tour in Afghanistan, he didn*tactually v a come home whole. HHiz gggiirlfriend, Sara, picked hiimup, and besides being tanned and tire, he looked the same.T They decided too stay in the night and just enjoy the comfortsof each other*s arms. Tnhat night.....AThat nightSaara could not stop starrrring at Eric. howerver eve4r erics evyes were nonnot on me thats nighth. he seemed distracted by the nighthsh ts sky. he gsaased beyod me

me into ther background. i asked what was on his miined; he looked up and to,

told me that he ahas a loved back from thae warzoozooe, eric looked lost in man

a lover? i was shocked to knkow that my