my love for you is as the stars lighting beautifying the heavens forever

as you have glorified the earth for me 

my love for you, a fire becomes

that plucks the strings

that beats the durums 

that makes me sing the song that i do 

if there be anything more lovely your legs, your arms, your face

if there be anything, it's your soul 

forever a vapor in my heart

come, fill my waiting arms

in my heart i make for you a hiding place 

if you find yourself unworthy of my words 

let me pluck the tongue from my mouth

the eyes from my head, and let silence, my curse forever 

if i but betray you let my legs fail

and my arms and hands go limp

 my tongue turn to ashes 

and silence, be my curse forever and my smile my frown be , 

my laughter tears, forever salting my taste 

letme know no other softness than your breast 

no other warmth than your body

no other pride and joy than your child