I Remembered the dreamThe mist on the screenThe Vagueness that Vagrants push Piano Knows Just what I Mean

Black Moths are collecting 

Slopes of the Geographical Echo  Something is eating away at the Page 

and then when the ribbon steps on in

to create silence ; the violent pull 

of eddys and streams a void becomes null  Not Like I Know how it feels to be really scared

 the hair on the back of my neck in check 

tumultuous continuous breathing in depression has found its match in inability to care

tri-tone buildings break my way each day 

and I know that the signs do absolutely nothing but gloat 

of the choak that they give,the normalcy archeoligical dig

the forest within dances in fleeting orange light 

tonight every color comes out I doubt if there can be anything else 

That can dampen the pleasingly accesible hell 

the shaded hang out haunt of introversion