today has beena rather mellow day with amixture of on and off rain and sunshine. dammitthe type writer was being a malfunctional pain. nah but i enjoyusing machine. its like the origin of modern day writing. that whole turn of century thing, this machineis a difficult partner to work with. her name is sterling. its quite a sinactful name. im not sure if that a real word but im sticking with it. this chair... taco is writen on the booth wall of the booth,tacos are pretty delicois food among all food. along with pasta, this guy really just said shut the front door. those cooping mechinisams, i spelled that word wrong. i am absolutely horrible at grammar. young adults these days are so into the whole new age spiritual concept i know that being raised by a pegan/wiccan mother i have been taughgt to respect nature and all it has to often the world. i love ...i just got an appointment with a woman named crystal shakespeare. wow hilarious, imagine the odds.ive recently been writngs anew sries im calling plague... type writers hard to manigne. uh... im terrible at writing. i want to ride my bycicle i wanna spell it like that, dont ever judge me. judgement is for thejudged to make them feel better about themselves. thats how people get through the day, man crying cat in backpack.i cant wait for someone to finally hit the reset button on our pop you puy the lime in the coconut and you shake it all up. you put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up.