Mirror of Multitudes

By Armoni Boone

A shutter can seal timelines like *click*

we can measure time with light

conversation. We were always just

kids, right?

We understood blood sacrifice early on

*click* Sure, different masters, but we both believe in honest work.

To see a new destiny on the other end of a lens

is to hold hands with God across an unwritten stanza.




Artist Statement:

Lately, a lot of my work has been tied in building a creative universe, something as ambitious as Tolkien's or Pratchett's across multiple mediums. As a result, exploration has always been a key aspect of my work. Whether that is the exploration of concepts or merging mediums, much of my publicly facing works are either filled with questions or trying to flush out my universe.

You can find Armoni Boone @im.armoni and @armonionly