Louise Bourgeois’ sculptures are full of legs

By Tali Cohen

Louise Bourgeois’ sculptures are full of legs

and I’m not thinking of the spiders right at
this moment but more specifically of SEVEN

IN BED — all of them with their pink plush
patchwork bodies, all their complicated limbic

entanglement — and what is greedier than legs
bending just to say I need you a little bit closer?

Maybe mouths, open and panting, or hands
closing to a fist. It doesn’t matter — what

I am saying is the body is greedy. It is always
asking to be fed and taken for walks. Washed if

you can remember. Loved and adorned. It doesn’t care,
it just wants touch. Stimulation. I am so bored of my body.

It’s not good company. It’s too selfish of a lover.
Louise Bourgeois’ sculptures are full of desire. Even

THE SPIDER who sits on a birdcage. Yes, even her
— who left the birdcage door cracked open, placed

an armchair in its center. Even the cold wire of it says,
come inside. Be selfless. Put your body on display for me.

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