The Power of the Click


By Lala Drona

Titles: Clickbait, Ctrl+click / Cmd+click, Ctrl+V / Cmd+V

Can a click on a virtual body invite transgressions on real body? Do we exploit ourselves in exchange for clicks, and does that exploitation manifest differently across age/race/sex/gender? This triptych examines the actions we take on women’s bodies in the digital world, and their impact on the real world. The seemingly inconsequential act of clicking while interacting under the mask of anonymity, behind the screen. In a world where clicks are the new currency, how do we avoid inflicting or perpetuating suffering on others though our clicks? Is it possible to empower ourselves through the action of clicking?

A mouse click on a virtual body can be an act of affirmation, an act of curiosity, or an act of violence. However, above all, a click today represents an exchange. One sees this in our tendency to value ourselves and content through the “likes,” “friends,” and “followers.” In a world where the virtual overlaps with the real, it is vital that we become more conscious of the impact of this value system on our daily lives.

Artist Bio:
Lala Drona (b. 1988) is a Venezuelan-American painter and videaste, born in Denver, Colorado. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado, Lala Drona has since published and exhibited her work from North America to South America, and from Western Europe to Asia. Her paintings, videos, and writing explore the themes of identity, women’s bodily experience, and the Internet's effect on society, all media combining together to create a cohesive universe. She is currently based in Paris, France.