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PSNY thrives on bringing poetry to new people in unconventional ways and in unexpected places. If you have an idea for an event, installation, activation, workshop, performance, campaign, film, or other poetic media or activity, please contact us for a quote after perusing our services below.


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The Poetry Society of New York specializes in bringing poets to public events, private parties, and commercial environments. Wielding vintage typewriters, our professional and stylish Typewriter Poets write spontaneous, personalized poems for clients & guests to take home as meaningful mementos.

PSNY’s Typewriter Poetry clients have included Rag & Bone, Free People, Opening Ceremony, The Macallan, and more. For more information, or to book a poet, contact us below.

Emoji Poetry may initially sound “like a post-ironic gimmick,” but PSNY’s Emoji Poetry workshop remains one of its most popular services—and not just for the kitsch of those adorable hieroglyphs! Emojis are a unique cultural touchstone because they are a global language designed to convey emotion. They communicate tone and nuance, allowing us to emote beyond our spoken languages. Emojis also provide a light-hearted, low-pressure entry point into writing poetry, an art form that many find intimidating. Writing in emojis is fun!

PSNY’s Emoji Poetry workshop asks participants to write collaborative emoji poems, to translate those poems individually, and to share their translations with the group. Cooperating to write emoji poems as a team requires creativity, spontaneity, and compromise. Translating those emoji poems on one’s own creates a space for vulnerability and expression. Sharing individual translations inevitably leads to thoughtful conversations about language, culture, friends, family, process, bias, choice, and values.

Sharing poetry is an inherently intimate act that cultivates trust and imagination. That’s why our emoji poetry workshop makes for such a fantastic team-building activity for both children and adults. This workshop is great for school groups, corporate events, and teams of all sorts.

To request more information or to learn about other collaborative writing activities, please contact us below.

"I haven't seen our team smile and laugh that much in a while."   -Ashley Alvarado, Head of HR, Habitas

"I haven't seen our team smile and laugh that much in a while."

-Ashley Alvarado, Head of HR, Habitas


A full service event production company, The Poetry Society of New York specializes in Art Direction, Design, & Production for Immersive Poetic Entertainment. Our team has more than a decade of experience planning, designing, producing, staffing, & programming events, performances, & parties. We have worked with hundreds of venues, entertainers, vendors, & service providers over the years & can take those logistics off your hands in a matter of seconds. Contact us with your vision, & we will bring it to life!

Looking to book a poet to perform at your event? Our typewriter poets & other poetic practitioners are natural performers—brilliant, beguiling, & beautiful. PSNY also works with a variety of other artists & entertainers with a poetic bent. If you are seeking actors, musicians, dancers, burlesque performers, aerialists, magicians, visual artists, calligraphers, tarot readers, or other mystics for your event, we know the best—and most literary—in the business.


Would you like a personalized poem for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? How about a wedding or anniversary poem? Would you like some perfectly crafted verse for your commercial or ad campaign? If so, commission a poem from PSNY!

If you have a poem you'd like written, ghost-written, or edited, we've worked with dozens of corporate clients, including Adidas, A&E Network, & Manhattan Mini Storage, to create the perfect poems for their products. We’ve also worked with brides and grooms to ghostwrite their vows (shhhh!) and have even written eulogies.

If you’re looking for a poetic gift, PSNY can produce customized hard copies & ship them directly to the recipient. Would you like your poem typewritten &I wax-sealed in a linen envelope? Delicately detailed packaging is our specialty.

The Typewriter Project is a tiny, rustic writing studio that invites visitors to sit down and contribute their voices to a collaborative poem or community diary. These mobile studios, when not inhabiting the parks of New York City, are available to rent for single-day events, short-term activations, & longer term installations. Each little booth is outfitted with a vintage typewriter, 100-foot long paper scroll, & a custom-built USB Typewriter™ kit, which allows every keystroke to be collected, stored, & posted online for users to read, share, & comment upon. Each entry can be its own distinct text, but since users can read what was written before them on the scroll, they are encouraged to be influenced by it. By creating a new form of dialogue, this project provides a unique creative outlet for your guests and a fascinating record of your event that exists in both analog and digital forms. These installations mine the poetic subconscious while providing a fun & interactive means to engage with the written word. Read the latest entries from the project here.