Typewriter Poets

What event isn’t better with a little poetry? The Poetry Society of New York specializes in bringing poets to your parties & events. Our Typewriter Poets are stylish, fascinating creatures with fleshed out CV's & graduate degrees. Wielding vintage typewriters, these professional poets & performers write original, personalized poems for your guests to take home as more meaningful party favors. A full service event production company, The Poetry Society of New York also specializes in Art Direction, Design, & Production for Immersive Art Environments. We can build a world around your Typewriter Poet.

Looking for something slightly longer term? Do you want to heighten your company’s culture? Why not communicate your organization’s values with a resident Typewriter Poet? Typewriter Poets serve as an aesthetic fixture in your establishment, they foster an empathic & expressive environment, and they create team-building, artistic interactions. Their position also shines a philanthropic light upon your organization, & their poems provide unique & authentic content for your marketing team. Whether you operate in an office, a cultural institution, a store, or another commercial environment, our Typewriter Poets are happy to come in and add a little color.

PSNY’s Typewriter Poetry clients have included Rag & Bone, Opening Ceremony, Mont Blanc, The Macallan, Shinola, The IVY, Saatchi & Saatchi, A&E Network, The Strand Bookstore, Grounds for Sculpture, and more.

Event Planning & Production


A full service event production company, The Poetry Society of New York specializes in Art Direction, Design, & Production for Immersive Poetic Entertainment. Our team has more than a decade of experience planning, designing, producing, staffing, & programming events, performances, & parties. We have worked with hundreds of venues, entertainers, vendors, & service providers over the years & can take those logistics off your hands in a matter of seconds. Contact us with your vision, & we will bring it to life!

Commission A Poem

Would you like a personalized poem for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? How about a wedding or anniversary or birthday poem? There’s a reason that we commemorate the important moments in our lives with poetry. Great poems fill us up with a kind of air or awareness that allows us to float just a little bit above the world for a moment. Poetry creates a kind of mindfulness that is impossible to replicate. The same poems are endlessly read at weddings, funerals, and graduations, but why not read something more personal? What better gift is there to give than a personalized poem?

Commission a poem from PSNY, and we can provide you with just digital copies or customized hard copies as well. If you would like your poem typewritten on parchment paper with an old-fashioned typewriter and wax-sealed in a linen envelope, we can also provide that kind of thing. Just include the details of your request below, and we will send you a quote!

Steph 4.png

…Or Just Make a donation!

If you don’t have a particularly specific request and you’re okay with digital copies, you can simply make a tax-deductible donation of $200 or more, and as a free gift, we will email you a short, personalized poem within 5 business days. Please provide us with the name of the poem recipient, your relationship to them, the occasion, and three words that make you think of the recipient by clicking the DONATE button below.


Typewriter Booths

“From a distance, the small, narrow booth resembles a confessional.”

-The New York Times


The Typewriter Project’s inaugural concept was a series of site specific installations that took the form of tiny, rustic writing studios for one. These installations invited passersby to sit down and contribute their voices to a collaborative, community poem or diary. Now these mobile studios are available to rent for single-day events and longer term installations. Each little booth is outfitted with a vintage typewriter, 100-foot long paper scroll, & a custom-built USB Typewriter™ kit, which allows every keystroke to be collected, stored, & posted online for users to read, share, & comment upon. Each entry can be its own distinct text, but since users can read what was written before them on the scroll, they are encouraged to be influenced by it. By creating a new form of dialogue, this project provides a unique creative outlet for your guests and a fascinating record of your event that exists in both analog and digital forms. These installations mine the poetic subconscious while providing a fun & interactive means to engage with the written word. Read the latest entries from the project at subconsciousofthecity.com.